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About us ......

About us  ...... - Kennel  GRANLASCO
The GRANLASCO Kennel is a small breeding kennel officially recognized by  E.N.C.I. ( the Italian Kennel Club ) and by F.C.I. since 1986 !!! Our dogs come from a skill selection which looks for health...

Our names.. Dr.Giulia Anselmi

Our names..   Dr.Giulia Anselmi - Kennel  GRANLASCO


My name is Giulia Anselmi I am Veterinary and since 1987 I breed Bedlington terriers, I am a FCI Judge for the breed. I follow the matings and the litters which are grown at home : our dogs doesn' t know the solitude of a kennel box!!

Claudio Perego

Claudio Perego - Kennel  GRANLASCO

I am Claudio Perego and I always show our bedlingtons in the rings in Italy and also abroad.

My activity as Ring Steward get me many contact with foreing Judges and breeders from all over the world!!